New Solr Index failing to build in Sitecore Indexing Manager

From time to time I have to do some Solr configuration for a client and tend to experience a couple of obscure errors that I stumble into, fix, and then proceed to forget about until the next time. Well it’s time to write these tidbits down for future reference….

Often you will complete your new Solr core setup and want to do an initial build on the index via the Index Manager in the Sitecore Control Panel.
Occasionally on triggering a rebuild, the Indexing Manager will proudly report that “The search indexes have been rebuilt.” despite the result below saying something like:

Job started: Index_Update_IndexName=yourindexnamehere
Job ended: Index_Update_IndexName=yourindexnamehere (units processed: )
Finished in 0 seconds

Checking the Crawling.log can reveal a message such as:

1075928 11:07:09 WARN  Failed to initialize 'yourindexnamehere' index. Registering the index for re-initialization once connection to SOLR becomes available ...1075928 
11:07:09 WARN  DONE

Simply recycling the app pool was enough to solve the issue:

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