Gems from the Marketplace – Sitecore Security Rights Reporting

In this series I’ll be mentioning some of those slightly lesser known modules that exist in the Sitecore Marketplace, which I’ve found particularly useful. There really is a plethora of useful modules on there, some quite old, some bang up to date, but hopefully you might find one or two as useful as I have.

The first one up is called the Sitecore Security Rights Reporting module by Jan Bluemink.

I found this module very helpful when trying to observe the current state of the Roles and Users in a particular Sitecore instance, with a view to rationalising the list of people with admin access and reorganising the role membership.

Accessible from the Security Tools menu, it allows you to easily view user role membership in a matrix format that you can drill down into, and saves a lot of time spent clicking into and out of the standard Sitecore dialog boxes.

Overview can be particularly useful when reorganising
or pruning a large number of roles and users

As a footnote Jan advises that the tool makes use of database queries that may put load on the server, so bear that in mind when running it anywhere other than locally. 

Jan has also recently updated the module for Sitecore 9.1.

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